Lugo MFG, Inc. currently designs and builds two types of transport products: vehicle carriers and high end boat trailers.


Vehicle Carriers

Commonly called auto transporters, are a very unique type of over the road product. They are a complicated arrangement of structural framing, and articulating platforms moved by hydraulics. The truck and trailer models capable of carrying 10 or 11 vehicles are called “stinger steered” units due to their unique coupled design. They fall under special federal laws that allow them to be 75 ft. in overall length. We also build standalone auto transporters. These are fully self-contained 53 ft.  trailers designed to be pulled with standard tractor trucks and can be arranged to carry anywhere from 6 to 8 vehicles. An off shoot of this type of trailer that we also build is a golf car model that carries 26 topped cars at 14 ft. over all load height and 24 topped cars at 13’-6” over all load height. Our CAD software contains hundreds of scale model vehicle profiles that allows us to computer build the type of loads our customers feel best represents their needs.


High End Boat Trailers

These fall into a category of a specific type of boat called “catamaran power boats” or commonly called “cats”. These boats are the NASCAR of big open water capable of reaching speeds up to 200 MPH. Some are built for racing teams like the “Miss Geico” but many are built for private individual owners. On the larger cats of 40 to 50 feet length the width of these boats are between 10 to 12 feet. They can be pulled on “flat” trailers or on a specialized “tilt” trailer outfitted with an articulating hydraulic platform that positions the boat on its side. With a flat trailer over size load permits are required for road travel. However, with a tilt trailer the boat being positioned on its side is within the allowable over the road width and height limits of 102” wide and 13’-6” load height.  Each one of these trailers is a custom one off glove fit for an individual boat. Designing these trailers requires us to have an extremely accurate dimensional rendering of several key elements and profiles. This can only be accomplished by hand measuring the actual boat.  My son Adam and I travel to wherever the boat is located and usually within 5 hours have all the critical information we need. Back at the office all of this is put into the CAD engineering program and the task of designing the trailer to each customer’s specific requests begins.


Engineering is the foundation for every product we build giving us the ability and advantage to offer our customers exceptional quality and years of safe reliable use.

Paul Lugo